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Children and Families Program

Upcoming Holiday Programmes in our Youth Centers! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doreen Gaura   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 09:44

Every year at the end of June, our Murraysburg and Beaufort West youth centers hold holiday programmes for local children who are off from school. We focus on empowering the children through various activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle and teaching them to be responsible citizens.

This year, our Beaufort West youth center is planning various activities for the local youth, including soccer and netball, a trip to Murraysburg for joint-center interaction, an Outreach Day, arts and crafts, and social dialogues. By encouraging children to participate in fun, educational exercises, we hope to give them information that will transcend to life lessons on children’s rights, child trafficking, child labour, culture, etc. Additionally, meals will be provided for the children. The estimated cost for this programme is R22,500.00, about R150.00 per child attending the three week program; the daily cost per child is R10.00. Currently, there are 150 children projected to attend.

Similarly, our Murraysburg youth center is also preparing for its holiday programme. Our coordinators here have lined up various activities, too. They will also be providing meals consisting of coffee, soup, bread, fruit, and chips. The estimated cost for this center’s programme is R10,500.00, with an estimated cost of R7 per child, per day, or R105 for the entire time; 100 children are expected to attend the three week programme.

We are asking our supporters and friends to get involved by helping with donations. You can either choose to sponsor a child for the estimated cost-per-child, or you can donate any amount directly to one of the programmes. We understand that hectic work and life schedules make it difficult for our public to participate daily, therefore this is a wonderful way to get involved and make a difference in a child’s life! Getting on board is simple: just write a check to Anex, designate towards the programme, and feel the immediate sense of accomplishment. Also, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts for picture updates of the programmes as they unfold!




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Masenzeni Ushintsho Project


The rationale for selecting the Central Karoo as a focus point for our youth programme was based on the fact that our research indicates that a considerable amount of child domestic workers originate from the Central Karoo region. Thus the beneficiaries of this project were:

• Vulnerable youth aged between the ages of 14-18,
• Youth who have been involved in child domestic work or are either at risk of becoming child domestic workers
• Potential victims of child trafficking


Meisie Jy is nog Jonk
Jy weet jy vat groot kanse
Om by mense te gaan werk.
Nogals mense soos slamse
Meisie, wees maar sterk.

Daar werk jy net vir n selfoon
Dan bly jy nog daar aleen
Daar is geen vriende om jou te ondersteun
Agter in die jaarrt waar jy meisie selfwoon
Jy word vasgehou as gyselaar
Jy MOET werk, so sê die eienaar
Kom terug meisie jy moet spaar
Jy was vet, nou is jy maer

Meisie die stad het n harde lewe
Dan wil jy jou kind los by Ouma van sewentig
Kom terug na jou ma
Waar jy weet sys al help as jy kla.

“Meisie, jy is nog jonk!”