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Pledge, Hold a fundraiser or Arrange a training session PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 14:42

With 45 million people estimated to be in modern day slavery we are all outraged but often unsure what to DO:

1. Pledge or donate to help us help the victims:

2. Hold a fundraiser

3. Organize a training workshop in you area for vulnerable families, social workers, police or truckers. We will assist with the content.

4. Support our runners and campaigners on the N1 Run 5-9 Dec 2017 by "adding your X"

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Make A Donation

Please find attached a form which you can print out and fax, post or hand deliver to us on which you can make a once off contribution or regular donations to ANEX CDW.

To be able to read this document you will need a PDF reader.

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Greater Good SA provides you with a means to support the work that ANEX CDW does. Please click on their logo to proceed to the web page where you can make a contribution.

Makro Number Rebate
As Anex does most of the grocery shopping for the camps at Makro, we have joined  the Makro rebate system. Through this initiative, Anex is able to link various customer card numbers to our own and every time that individual shops at Makro it registers on our membership.  If Anex’s account number registers a large enough value, we qualify for a rebate on the shopping that we do for the camps. However, to do this we need MANY more customers to link their card numbers to our own and therefore we would like to appeal to YOU to help us with this initiative.  It would come at no extra cost to yourself, as you  can continue on their normal shopping.  However, this is only applicable if these individuals shop at the Ottery branch.