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Your current career path

Having been Director of NGOs for 22 years, with last six or so at RAPCAN (2000 – 2006), I wanted to better and more widely utilise my research and advocacy skills as a consultant on child rights. I set up my own child rights consultancy in August 2006, and have since undertaken a wide range of training, advocacy and research activities.

How you came into contact with Anex

I first encountered Anex in the early 2000s, as the Director of RAPCAN, and was impressed with some research they had undertaken on children being trafficked from rural areas of the Western Cape province, to Cape Town for domestic work.

What it means to fulfill a seat as a member of the board.

Anex has long been important to me. I saw it as an organisation with great potential in an area that was growing in prominence, but where there was little work being done. In the last few years, we have watched Anex grow from a poor, struggling organisation with minimum credibility and profile into a vibrant, well-funded and credible organisation, and a significant role-player in the field. It has been a privilege and an honour to be associated with Anex as Chairperson and as a Board member.

Your role as a board member of Anex

The Board of an organisation carries final fiduciary responsibility for that organisation, and must oversee the proper implementation of the work of the organisation. While Board members should not intervene in the daily running of the organisation, they should at all times know its state of health in terms of funding, financial management, statutory compliance, staff relations and management.

As Chairperson, it has been one of my responsibilities and a pleasure to also provide support and guidance to the Director.