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Child Protection: An issue of Ubuntu? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 04 June 2010 02:00

Child Protection Week is an annual calender event that seems to pass without the usual fuss of those commemorative events such as the “16 days of activism” and “Women’s Day.” However, it does not mean that this period is of any less significance or meaning.

Child Protection Week has those members of our society that are the most vulnerable as its focus and although this is an initiative from the Department of Social Development, the issue of child protection should be of concern to all South Africans.

We as South African’s are very proud of our notions of Ubuntu but the practice of “your child is my child” is not as common as we’d like to think. Headlines are regularly littered with cases of abducted children and child abuse cases make up the bulk of the workload for social workers and the police.

It raises the question, whose concern is child protection? If we are a responsible nation of caring and concerned citizens, then as communities we are collectively accountable for the safe keeping of South Africa’s children.

It comes down to simple acts of teaching children to keep telling until they are heard and speaking out when we come across violations against children. At the end of the day responsible citizenship will be the greatest weapon in the fight for child protection.

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