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Thursday, 05 November 2009 10:48


Working together today for solidarity tomorrow: promoting partnership between stakeholders to improve services to youth


The 16 days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Children is an international campaign supported by the UN that begun in 1991. It takes place from the 25th of November up until the 19th of December. This period is used as a platform to raise awareness around violence against women and children but also on HIV/aids, Human Rights and Individuals living with disabilities, as the commemorative days for the before mentioned fall in this period.

Youth continue to be marginalized with respect to social issues of HIV/aids despite the fact they are the population group that accounts for the highest HIV prevalence, girls even more so than boys. According to national victimization estimates, children are four times more likely than adults to be victims of violent crime. Violence against children and youth in communities is on the increase. These are the realities that the 16 days of activism aims to bring to light and the conference such as this one work to eliminate.

The 16 Days Campaign provides an opportunity for civil society to combine efforts and draw upon this period of increased awareness to gain support for their programmes. It is for this reason that this years youth conference will focus on bringing together all the partners, namely the Community Development Workers, Department of Social Development Youth Workers and other partner civil society organisations working with youth, to a strategy in place to share resources to increase outreach and improve services. The conference hopes to initiate a practice where strategies are planned for 2010 as opposed to sporadic intervention strategies in line with governments 365 campaign.


Venue and Dates

The conference is scheduled to take place on the 3rd and 4th of December at the Beaufort West Youth Outreach Centre.



The overall objective of the conference is to develop intervention strategies amongst stakeholders to assist a larger number of youth in the Central Karoo to achieve their full potential.

In achieving the objective, the conference aims to:

- The conference also aims to promote youth participation to inform intervention strategies so these may be relevant and successful.

- facilitate partnerships and information sharing amongst the relevant stakeholders

- promote the rights of children within the constitutional and legislative frame work

- facilitate discussions on the role of legislation to protect the rights of children

- create a platform for deliberation on the realities faced by children when their rights are violated




Participants and Observers

The conference will be open to youth from throughout the Central Karoo. Anex CDW has sent out a call for proposals to youth from across to the Central Karoo District to write a letter of motivation to attend the conference. Two youth, one male and one female will be accommodated from each town.


Representatives from the Municipality Community Development Workers have been invited to attend as well as the Youth Development workers from the Department of Social Development. An invitation has also been extended to other civil society organisations working with youth in the Central Karoo District.



The week following up to the conference, workshops will be held with the youth of Beaufort West on the history behind the 16 days of activism and its correlation to violence. The workshops will use art as a medium for the youth to present their interpretations of the violence perpetrated in their communities. These art works will then go on exhibition at the Beaufort West Youth Outreach Centre for two days leading up to the youth conference as well as during the conference.



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