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Anex (Activists networking against the exploitation of children) a children’s rights non profit organisation working to combat all forms of exploitation of children (including child trafficking, child labour, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children, Children used by Adults to Commit Crime) through prevention and early intervention programs.  We are based in Cape Town with community workers offering training and support in the vulnerable communities identified as hot spots for victim targeting, particularly small towns in the Karroo along the N1. The main areas of intervention are:

*Family education is also a priority as trafficking even may occur when children are sent to relatives in the city.

*Working with truck drivers and transport companies as they are often best placed to see and prevent trafficking.

*Training police to recognise and assist victims

* Training and supporting social workers

According to the global slavery index in 2016, nearly a quarter of a million people in South Africa are in modern day slavery. Statistics indicate under 1% are rescued. Please help us to help them:


On 5 December 16 runners will embark from the weigh in bridge at Rawsonville on a 4 day run to cover the distance of 375km to Beaufort West -#addyourX.  The running symbolises them adding their X  in support of ending Human Trafficking and standing in UNiTY with the people who have been trafficked and those who are currently in bondage, with the message that #stoptrafficking.

5 December 2017 - Run from Rawsonville to Touwsrivier (joined here by 4 more runners)

6 December 2017 - Run from Touwsrivier to Lainsburg

7 December 2017 - Run from Laingsburg to Leeu Gamka

8 December 2017 - Run from Leeu Gamka to Beaufort West

As the 16 runners will be on route from Rawsonville to Beaufort West, they will raise awareness, do talks and show UNiTY with the vulnerable communities all along the N1 route, where poverty and inequality are two of the main reasons human trafficking is seen as an escape from circumstances.  People are being deceived to believe that whatever is offered to them by the traffickers will be their escape from the harsh reality of a life in poverty.  Dialogues will be held about possible solutions within communities.

Open water swims to raise awareness:

Two long distance swimmers, Ameen Stemmet and Abdullah Peters have joined the UnITE against Human Trafficking campaign and they will raise awareness about Human Trafficking through open water swims they will be doing.  They are planning to swim 37,5km on a date to be determined during the 16 days of activism, which will relate to the 375km the runners will cover, to raise awareness.

Human trafficking is a 150 billion dollar industry per year.   This needs to end.

Why a raised hand?


Throughout history this has been the universal signal to STOP and even in today’s world of emojis it is officially translated as “plz stop”. But going a little deeper, when a child feels threatened they instinctivley put up their hands as a plea to stop and an effort to protect themselves. So lets all raise our hands as we UNiTE to protect them.

ANEX (Activists networking against the exploitation of children)

NPO 025-946

PBO number – 930018395

VAT number – 4710246390

18A number - 9260152161

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